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Huawei E 173

Huawei E173 USB modem with White is a GSM connection and can support speeds up to HSDPA level. This modem is perfect for those who need a fast internet connection. With a simple design but looks dinamisi, this modem can be easily carried anywhere and anytime to accompany the move. …
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Huawei Hi-Link 303

Huawei E303 with Hi-Link feature , auto connect and auto re-connect to provide you a comfortable browsing experience. With Hi-Link technology, you no longer need to do the installation manually to be able to use this modem. In addition, you also do not need to change the APN settings every time you change the card.  …
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M 175

Introducing one of the MyLink modem, with Huawei chipset inside which gives you a high quality product at affordable prices. Available with Telkomsel bundling package for 3 months free unlimited internet access. Support 3.5G network with download speeds up to 7.2 Mbps.  …
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