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Alcatel Temporis Extension Module

The Alcatel Temporis IP Extension Module, connected to the Alcatel Temporis IP800, is ideal for personal assistants, receptionists or employees handling multiple lines.   You can customise it for your specific needs: programme up to 38 additional direct memory keys, create supervision keys to monitor the line status (free, busy, inc …
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Alcatel Temporis IP Wireless Headset Adapter

Are you an intensive headset user?   The Alcatel Temporis IP Wireless Headset Adapter is the essential tool that will give you extreme freedom of movement so that you can take your calls wherever you are.   Compatible with DECT wireless headsets from Jabra/GN Netcom, Sennheiser and Plantronics*.   *Check co …
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Alcatel IP1020

Need more flexibility and mobility in your work environment?. Then the Alcatel IP1020 is what you’re looking for. The ideal DECT solution for small firms, it can handle four calls simultaneously. Its separate base station means you can install it wherever you want with a minimum of cables, if you opt for the Power over E …
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Alcatel IP600

The Alcatel Temporis IP600: the essential telephone to boost your office efficiency with its 100% customisable interface. Its ergonomic features : context menu keys, user-friendly browser, backlit hands-free and voicemail keys and multi-position stand will come in useful every day. No more interruptions from unwanted callers: recor …
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Alcatel IP20

Your company is growing and you need to increase the capacity of your Alcatel IP1020 DECT solution. Additional Alcatel IP20 handsets offer you all the flexibility you require. Along with HD sound, access to a local, shared or network phonebook*, Ten programmable keys and a network mailbox*. *Subject to availability of PAB …
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